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Знакомое чувство

На ABC в цикле All In The Mind выходит серия передач об эмоциях. Пока вышла только одна. Вся передача интересна (общая тема первой — “The Sexual Desire”), но вот эта цитата мне особенно понравилась. Что-то слишком знакомое, к сожалению:


The emotional brain provides a very fundamental foundation on which the rational thinking could evolve because the emotional system in humans, one of its functions seems to be to limit the amount of options that we will consider before making a decision. And we can see this very clearly in the case of people who have some damage to a part of their brain which was serving some emotional function. And so when they lose that emotional capacity, suddenly their rationality doesn’t seem to function as good as it used to. So they spend, for example, hours considering all the criteria and all the possible considerations that might be relevant to an otherwise insignificant decision like, when should we go and see the doctor, today or tomorrow? We shouldn’t spend too long making a decision like that because we’ve got other things to do – and yet without the emotional system to constrain the possibilities and without the emotional system that maybe would make us get bored with spending too long considering such a trivial thing – that people with brain damage to their emotional areas of their brain can spend hours making such a tiny decision. They get trapped or locked into what I’ve called analysis paralysis, they become in a sense a bit like Hamlet considering for days and days a decision which they should be able to make quickly. And they would be able to make quickly if they had some gut feelings that just produced a decision that worked through intuition.


Dylan Evans, “The Emotional Brain”, Part 1 [transcript, mp3], ABC

Вторая передача выходит сегодня, тема - гнев, злость и ярость (“The Emotional Brain”, Part2).


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